Saturday, 21 January 2012

Busy Busy Busy!!!

Wow it is already the 21st January! And I haven't blogged since November!

One of my new year resolutions is to blog more so clearly I am not getting on with that very well!

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to our local scrapbooking club, we were taught how to create a mini album using chipboard and Tim Holtz tags! It looked complicated but it wasn't and it looked really professional! As soon as I got home I went online and tried to find other mini albums that I can make.

Here are some links that I thought were really useful:

I love all of these and cannot wait to try different methods to make unique mini albums! Maybe I can make enough to put a few on Etsy!

Also... I am really excited as I have £75 to spend at Hobbycraft!!!! I cannot wait!!! I haven't decided what I am going to spend it on yet! I am going to check out the ideas library on the Hobbycraft website! They have some brilliant ideas on there!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Too many crafty ideas!

I am having problems with concentrating on one craft project at a time! I have piles of craft ideas in my room that I have not got round to yet! I really need to start concentrating on them!

I need to choose something to focus on...I am thinking its time for fimo!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Winscombe Christmas Bazaar!

Well I haven't written on here for a while! I have been ridiculously busy planning for the Christmas bazaar that I am going to tomorrow!

I am going to be selling my jewellery, cards, candles, photo frames, mini bugs & soaps! I hope it goes well and there is a good turn out! I have never sold at this particular place so I have no idea what to expect!!

So my Etsy shop is in vacation mode enjoying a cocktail in the sun while I make the finishing touches to my items!!

Wish me luck!!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another Week!

Well, another week has flown by and we are nearly at the end of September...already!! I really have to concentrate on my Christmas items ready for the craft fairs!!

My latest creation is this dainty bracelet, I bought the rose charms ages ago and have not known what to do with them, so have finally come up with this bracelet. I love it! I hope you do too!

It is for sale in my new shop on Coriandr, you can access it from the link on the right. I have only listed a few things on there so far but hopefully I will add to it gradually!

I am very much looking forward to my week off of work in two weeks time! I will be spending all of my time concentrating on my craft shops and creating new exciting items!

Today was the day for the best car boot sale near where we live, I love going there finding things that other people would find useless but I could think of loads of things to do with them! But unfortunately I woke up to find a massive downpour of rain. Walking through puddles and mud following me around did not sound like much fun for my fiance so instead he took me to Hobbycraft! As we were driving there I was thinking about all the things that I wanted to buy, it was looking to be an expensive trip! But miraculously I managed to spend under £10 and still get everything I need! Yes, from Hobbycraft! I have never left that shop without spending £30-£40 before! So it is a proud day for me!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Friday, 16 September 2011

Second week done!!
My stats are looking slightly better!
Facebook: 32 fans!
Twitter: 1 follower!
Etsy: In 13 circles   /   ...still 0 sales :( !!!

But I did get my first mention on a blog! Check it out! :
More to come, hopefully!!

I have been busy making more items for my shop today so hopefully will get a chance to upload them tomorrow!

My favourite etsy shop at the moment is:
The items in this shop look incredible! Love them!

I am going to be doing reviews and giveaways very soon, if I can get some sponsors that is!!
Enjoy your weekend!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

My Little Love Bugs!! These are my latest creations!
Halloween bug, love bug, winter bug, flower bug, girl bug, lucky bug, christmas bug!
They are all looking for new homes!

This is all I had time for today as life is getting very busy! Hopefully I will have some extra time to try out my modelling of fimo clay miniature food!